[SUPER HOT SHARE] TAI LOPEZ – 6-Figure Ecomm Agency Download

[SUPER HOT SHARE] TAI LOPEZ – 6-Figure Ecomm Agency Download


Step 1: Identify the right types of businesses

Not all product-based businesses will be a good fit.

To find the right kinds of clients, make sure they meet these criteria:

  • They have a great product people want
  • Their website sucks
  • They aren’t active on social media

I run into these types of businesses DAILY.

Chances are, you do too.

Step 2: Get their attention

Compared to SMMA, one of the biggest differences with this approach is product-based businesses are already online!

This means you don’t have to go door-to-door to find clients.

You can simply send them an email.

As for what to write in the email, you can copy/paste the exact scripts in the Ecomm Agency Quickstart program.

But if you want a summary, make sure you email:

  • Doesn’t sound spammy (be human, not overly professional)
  • Provides real value (let them know what they’re doing wrong)
  • Makes your services clear (present your pricing)

One of the biggest mistakes people made with SMMA® is they charged too little. As an agency, you want to ask for $1,000 a month — MINIMUM.

Trust me — if you follow these steps, at least 1 out of 10 potential clients WILL say yes.

(The reality is, 1 out of 4 will agree… but 10% is being conservative.)

Step 3: Know how to do the work

You’ll of course have to deliver on your promise.

So here’s one simple way you can provide fast results for new clients:

Set up their website on Shopify.

Shopify is a fairly simple tool that creates amazing websites.

In addition to that, you can also integrate additional marketing tools such as abandon cart emails or video demonstrations of their products.

While a better website will help the business, it’s not enough.

Which brings us to step #4.

Step 4: Get them customers

Even though there’s A LOT of competition online, you can focus on one thing that’ll make you stand out:

Master social media.

The great news for you is I can help you learn a thing or two about how social media marketing works.

Now I’m only sharing the following to prove that fact (and not to sound cocky).

I have:

  • 1.4 billion minutes watched of my online videos
  • 12 million+ followers
  • Grown multiple 7-figure businesses using social media

Basically, if you want to use social media to grow a business, I can help.

Now like I said, you can do this on your own.

[SUPER HOT SHARE] TAI LOPEZ – 6-Figure Ecomm Agency Download

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