Tobias Dahlberg – Brand Mastery Download

Tobias Dahlberg – Brand Mastery Download

What You Get:
Module 1: Foundation

This crucial “meta-level” module sets you up for success. Set big goals and remove the barriers. Learn brand fundamentals, including “The Only Strategy”, principles, and mindsets you need to build an extraordinary brand and business in today’s world.

  • Get Your Mindset Right – Commit To Your Transformation
  • Set Clear, Inspiring Goals And Envision Your Ideal Outcome Learn The Fundamentals Of Brand-Building
  • Learn Core Concepts And Strategies (The Only Strategy)
  • Learn Design Thinking And Creative Skills

Module 2: Customer

Learn how to identify and focus on your “Power Base”, i.e, your most potential customers. Zoom in on the customers that matter most, then dig deep inside minds to extract multi-level insights that enable you to create massive value. Then turn your insights into a Customer Blueprint™.

  • Discover Your Ideal Customer And Focus Only On Them
  • Narrow Down Your Market And Discover Your Power Base
  • Learn How To Uncover Breakthrough Customer Insights
  • Get Our Field Research Guide And Training
  • Recruit Real Customers And Learn From Them
  • Create Your Customer Blueprint™

Module 3: Strategy

Challenge your current strategy and imagine a bigger, brighter future. Design a game-changing brand strategy and platform, define your “Onlyness”, your uniqueness. Then wrap it all up in a brand story that makes your brand easy to understand, inspiring and desirable.

  • Analyse Your Competitive Environment And Yourself
  • Discover And Define An Inspiring Vision
  • Design A Simple, Unique, And Powerful Brand Strategy
  • Translate Your Strategy Into A Compelling Brand Story
  • Learn How To Position Your Brand As “The Only Choice”

Module 4: Offering

Translate your key insights and strategy into an extraordinary brand offering; a cocktail of value, expressed across The Five Brand Dimensions™. Get creative and design your brand offering into a smooth, compelling brand experience that makes people want to choose you.

  • Get Creative And Translate Your Strategy Into A Total Offering
  • Learn How To Create Value From The Customer Perspective
  • Learn The Five Brand Dimensions™ And How To Leverage Them
  • Define And Design Your Brand Touchpoints
  • Design An Extraordinary Total Brand Offering And Brand Experience

Module 5: Engagement

Learn why building relationships is the heart of branding, and why engagement is the hottest word in marketing today. Create an engagement strategy and plan, and ensure that you’re always initiating, connecting and nurturing relationships to ensure the growth of your brand and business.

  • Learn Why Engagement The Heart Of Your Marketing
  • Learn How To Scale With Low or No Investment
  • Learn A Marketing Framework For Creating Customer
  • Create A System To Ensure You Take Action Consistently
  • Build High-Quality Customer Relationship With Your Power Base

Module 6: Operations

Connect your brand to your business operations and culture. Design your own Brand Playbook™ – your operational brand and business plan, then put it into action with the help of your coach, and the community. Kickstart your transformation and create immediate results in your business.

  • Learn How To Focus Only On The Vital Few Things That Matter
  • Design Your Operating System
  • Implement Your Operating System And Train Your Team
  • Design Your Own Brand Playbook™ – Your Operating Manual

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