Kim Krause Schwalm – 3Rs Royalties, Retainers, and Recurring Revenue Complete Virtual Program Download

Kim Krause Schwalm – 3Rs Royalties, Retainers, and Recurring Revenue Complete Virtual Program Download

What You Get:
Introduction to 3Rs: Royalties, Retainers, and
Recurring Revenue

Start here first! Discover how Kim Krause Schwalm and Chris Orzechowski had a bit of a public spat that turned into a wonderful partnership, while sharing their combined knowledge with hundreds of copywriters and other freelancers. You’ll also get an overview of the 3Rs program and get the background info you need before you dive in!.

Module #1: How to Jumpstart Your Freelance Earnings with Recurring Revenue Deals

In this first 3Rs module, Kim and Chris explain what recurring revenue deals are, why and how to start doing them, and how to find the right clients to do them with. You’ll discover the characteristics of a good client and 18 ways to find them. Kim and Chris give you pointers on how to sell yourself to these clients, things you should AVOID doing, and the mindset shift you must make to be successful. They break down step-by-step how to use Gary Bencivenga’s most powerful persuasion technique to get yourself hired by your dream client, along with other proven sales-closing techniques. But they don’t stop there…they tell you exactly what to do (and what NOT to do) to pave the way for future projects and a long-term, mutually-profitable relationship…the key to “win/win” recurring revenue deals.

Module #2: The Art and Science of Retainer Deals

In this second training module, Kim and Chris explain what retainers are, what’s good about them for clients, and what’s good about them for you. They give you the knowledge, tactics, and confidence to educate and close clients while ensuring you create the best possible arrangement for your earnings and lifestyle goals. Kim and Chris then go deep into the 4 steps to finding and closing the best retainer deals: 1) identifying the right opportunities, 2) tips on applying so you get their attention, 3) kick-ass interviewing tactics to help you land the retainer deal, and 4) the one thing you MUST do before “getting married” to a client. Kim and Chris also explain the ins and outs of 4 different retainer deal structures…exactly what to include in your client contracts…and CRUCIAL client management tips to keep things running smoothly. Once you go through this training, you’ll be able to approach your ideal retainer client like a pro, boost your odds of closing the deal, and build a successful “win/win” working relationship

Module #3: The Art and Science of Royalty Deals

Chances are you’ve heard about royalties, but aren’t sure how exactly what they are, how to find clients who pay them to copywriters, and all the in’s and out’s of negotiating them. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll discover in this third in-depth training module. Kim and Chris start with the basics and explain what royalties are, what a “control” is and why you want to write one, and specific examples of the most common types of royalty arrangements. They tell you the going rates for royalty deals, how to calculate your potential earnings, and the differences between online and direct mail royalties. You’ll discover what types of clients are most likely to pay royalties, where to find them, and what’s in it for them (crucial for educating and closing clients). Plus Kim and Chris give you invaluable insider knowledge for putting together proposals and contracts, including the one thing you should ALWAYS include in every royalty contract (many copywriters ignore this step and pay the price later).  They also tell you what to do once your promo becomes the control, so you can KEEP those royalties coming in for as long as possible (Kim’s had royalty-paying controls for as long as 11 years and counting)…plus what to do if your promo doesn’t become the new control (handle it this way and it can lead to more opportunities!) You’ll walk away feeling much more confident and knowledgeable about negotiating royalty deals and be able to put together “win/win” deals that make you and your client happy for years to come.

3Rs Tool Kit: Secrets to Earning More With Less Hassle

This exclusive 3Rs Tool Kit gives you proven email scripts, proposal and contract templates, client-finding and “About” page exercises, and other invaluable “tools” for successfully running your freelance business. It’s everything you need to begin finding your ideal clients…submit proposals…put together contracts that serve your interests (as well as your client’s)…bend big company contracts to your will (when you know what points are typically negotiable)…start invoicing clients, including that absolutely vital advance before work begins…and even chase down late-paying clients. Plus you get other valuable tools like a new project questionnaire, “start kit” checklist, so once you get hired you can come across like a seasoned pro and ensure your recurring revenue project is a rip-roaring success!

The Original “Ask-Us-Anything” Speed Coaching Call Video Recording

One of the bonuses Kim and Chris gave during the live version of this 3Rs program was a 3-hour speed coaching session. The copywriters who joined this session each got an opportunity to “hot seat” their copywriting businesses, discuss their deals, and troubleshoot any issues or obstacles standing in their way. You’ll learn a TON on this call: it’s three hours of real world application of all of these concepts… and it’s a masterclass in deal making. Hiring Kim and Chris for one hour would be well over $1,500–making this 3-hour session a $4,500 value just on its own. You get to peek inside BOTH of their brains where they share their best-kept secrets and strategies for negotiating and landing better copy deals.

BONUS Hot Seat/Q&A Coaching Call with Kim & Chris-October 19, 2021

In this nearly 2-hour-long coaching call that took place on October 19, 2021, Kim and Chris tackle your biggest questions and challenges when it comes to finding, negotiating, and landing recurring revenue deals. We talk about structuring royalty deals for physical and non-physical products…how to sell yourself to clients even if you don’t have a “track record”–and land a royalty deal even if you’ve never written long-form copy…how to put together profitable, win/win email revenue share deals…what a “magalog” is and how direct mail vs online royalty arrangements work…how to use retainers and revenue share deals for SaaS companies, e-commerce, and higher education clients…and much more! Plus Kim and Chris talk about how they earn as much as $1k (or even $2k) for a one-page email. As one attendee wrote, “This was GOLD!”

Kim Krause Schwalm – 3Rs Royalties, Retainers, and Recurring Revenue Complete Virtual Program Download

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