Awai – Infinity Download

Awai – Infinity Download

What You Get:

  • All our newest programs — on writing e-newsletters, where just a few clients can provide you with a lifetime of monthly retainer deals and a “light” writing schedule… on UX copywriting, where you can cash in on the billions of dollars the industry is spending to create better online experiences for their customers… on writing blogs, either for yourself or as a “hired gun” for businesses… on email writing, a must-have skill for copywriters in the digital era… Let’s Write!,” where among other things you join AWAI staff writer Bonnie Fanning in her private writing room and learn her writing process line by line… and more!
  • Our completely updated Accelerated Program for Seven-Figure Copywriting— where we bring the classic training that’s launched thousands of successful copywriting careers over the past 25 years into the modern digital era…
  • Only “Premier” members get access to “bespoke” programs like our Web Intensive Hall of Fame “Masters Series” workshops — where some of the top experts in direct marketing share their deepest success secrets over 20 “workshop” presentations — and give you the actual roadmaps and templates they use to create multimillion-dollar campaigns and copy
  • Accelerated Companion Programs— where Rebecca and I, along with some high-level industry guests, walk you page by page through both AWAI’s Accelerated Six-Figure Program and our flagship AWAI Method™ foundational writing program
  • Our industry-renowned Masters Program— advanced copywriting and marketing secrets and insights from the masters of our industry
  • All of Our “Niche” Specialty Programs — each one laser-focused on teaching you everything you need to know about these “Big Five” markets:
    • Secrets of Writing for the Health Market…
    • Secrets of Writing Blockbuster Financial Market Controls…
    • Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market…
    • Secrets of Writing for the Christian Market
    • Copywriting for a Cause: How to Profit as a Writer and Make a Difference in the World…
    • And more
  • Everything on business-to-business writing, including every B2B “niche” program:
    • B2B Lead Generation…
    • B2B Websites…
    • B2B Video Scripts…
    • B2B White Papers…
    • B2B Case Studies…
    • B2B Email Newsletters for Professional Service Firms…
    • And much, much more

And that’s just a small taste!

So Many Resources!

Plus, every web-writing program… every self-paced writing program… every business-building program.

Use this wealth of high-level information to master the art of copywriting… discover and master new writing niches… set up your new freelance business… attract new clients… and supplement your writing business with income ideas you’ve probably never seen or imagined!

It’s all at your fingertips — anytime you need it…


01-The AWAI Method
02-The Accelerated Program for 7-Figure Copywriting
03-The Writer’s Starter Kit
04-Essential Templates for Your Copywriting Business
05-FastTrack to Pro – 21-Day System
06-No-Stress Method for Getting Clients
07-Build Your Freelance Website in 4 Days
08-How to Write Blogs for Yourself & Clients
09-The Barefoot Writer
10-The Masters Program
11-Smart Start for a Successful Writing Career
12-Writing Great Leads
13-Creative Rules for the 21st Century
14-Copywriting Genius – The Master Collection
15-Copywriting for a Cause
16-Secrets of Writing for the Catalog Market
17-Secrets of Writing for the Christian Market
18-Secrets of Writing for the Health Market
19-Secrets of Writing Blockbuster Financial Market Controls
20-Copywriting for Nonprofits
21-Secrets of Writing for the Self-Improvement Market
22-Introduction to the B2B Market
23-Modern B2B Copywriting
24-Writing Email Copy for B2B Companies
25-Getting B2B Clients
26-Crash Course in B2B Content
27-Key Message Copy Platforms
28-Writing Case Studies
29-How to Write White Papers that Command Top Fees
30-B2B Websites
31-How to Write Online Video Scripts for B2B Companies
32-Creating Email Newsletters for Professional Service Firms
33-Become a Lead-Gen Specialist
34-How to Price, Quote, and Win B2B Writing Projects
35-The Digital Copywriter’s Handbook
36-How to Become a Go-To SEO Content Writer
37-How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites
38-Ryan Deiss’ 6-Hour CVO Expert Training
39-How to Price & Land the Top 7 Web Copy Projects
40-Site Audits Made Simple
41-How to Write High-Value UX Copy
42-How to Write Engaging E-newsletters
43-How to Write Video Scripts
44-How to Write High Impact Emails
45-Let’s Write! Look Over My Shoulder for Your First Paid Writing Project
46-How to Use Copyediting for Career Advancement & Side Profit
47-How To Build Email Lists
48-How to Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert
49-Working Effectively with Web Clients
50-Marketing With Video Online for Profit
51-Bob Bly’s Information Marketing for Freelance Copywriters
52-Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now!
53-Bob Bly’s Ultimate Guide to E-Book Writing Success
54-Self-Fulfilled – How to be a Writer & Publisher
55-Writing for Love and Money
56-How to Successfully Write & Publish Children’s Books
57-The Pro Resume Writer Program
58-Grant Writing Success
59-Speech Writing Success!
60-Secrets of Becoming a Publicist
61-Desktop Marketing for Success, Independence, & Income
62-Secrets of Becoming an Internet Research Specialist
63-AWAI’s Simplest Guide to Pricing Copy Projects
64-Getting Clients Roadmap
65-Marketing Confidence
66-Accessing the Writer Within
67-3-Minute Marketing
68-Profitable Freelancing
69-How to Choose Your Writing Niche
70-Freelance Writing Business Success
71-Making the Leap
72-Getting Your First Client
73-Get Clients in 30 Days Challenge
74-The AWAI Accelerated Income Goals System
75-How to Find a Mentor You Can Trust
76-The Legalities of Copywriting Made Simple
77-The Versatile Freelancer
78-Virtual Business Building Intensive On Demand
79-Graphic Design Success
80-Copywriter’s Six-Figure Design Library
82-Great Leads
83-The Architecture of Persuasion
84-Copy Logic!

Awai – Infinity Download

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