Rick Blyth – Cashflowing Chrome Extensions Download

Rick Blyth – Cashflowing Chrome Extensions Download

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What You Get:

Module 1: Quickstart Chrome Extension Build

Ready, Set, Build!

We’re diving straight into the fun stuff, building something right off the bat and getting hands-on experience in module 1.

You’ll learn how to develop, test and debug a real Chrome Extension in 20 minutes, ensuring you get to the good stuff straight away!

Foundational Fundamentals

Introducing the key concepts you need to know at a high level and laying the foundations for building successful Chrome Extensions.

Creating Your First Chrome Extension In Under 20 Minutes

Let’s dive straight into a hands-on build of a simple chrome extension so you can experience first hand how to create a simple extension quickly.

Testing Out Your First Chrome Extension

Learn how to run, test and debug your newly created Chrome Extension.

Module 2: Finding the Opportunities

In this module, you will learn the process of identifying profitable niches and finding opportunities for you to build a profitable Chrome Extension.

Learn about the different types of niches, the key features of the Chrome Extensions Developer API, and how to find opportunities to leverage them to solve users’ problems.

Then you can use the Idea Generator & Scoring tool to rank niches, brainstorm ideas and hone in on your best opportunity.

The Key Features Of The Chrome Extensions Developer API

The critical and lesser known features that you need to be aware of when coming up with ideas & solutions. Once you’ve finished this lesson, you’ll have the knowledge needed to harness the power of Chrome Extensions to create feature-rich extensions for your target audience.

Finding Killer Niches

Learn about the different types of niches and the key characteristics of great niches so you can identify a profitable niche for your Chrome Extension to maximize your chances of success.

Niche Deep Dive: Validate Your Opportunity

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to drill down into your target niches and validate the potential market opportunity

Identifying Problems & Opportunities

How to find the painful problems and figuring out how your Chrome Extension could help solve them.

4 Strategies To Finding Chrome Extension Opportunities

You’ll learn how to identify gaps in the Chrome Web Store, research niche markets, and leverage existing online communities to find untapped demand.

Reverse Engineering Successful Chrome Extensions

You’ll learn about successful Chrome Extensions, what problems they’re solving, and how they’re delivering value to their users. You’ll also gain insights into the strategies and techniques that these successful extensions have used to achieve their popularity and success.


The Idea Generator & Scoring Tool

You will use the tool from the course bonus section which will allow you to rank niches, brainstorm ideas and score the opportunities to hone in on your best opportunity. You’ll no longer have idea overwhelm or idea famine, you’ll be able to methodically select the right idea to work on.

Module 3: Extension Build Accelerator

In this mega-module, you will take your Chrome Extension development to the next level with this comprehensive module.

By the end, you’ll be ready to build your own feature-rich Chrome Extension with confidence.

Setting Up For Success

You’ll learn about the essential tools and platforms you need to set up in order to be efficient and effective in your Chrome Extension development process.

Mastering The Building Blocks

You’ll learn the key components of Chrome Extensions and how they interact including the Manifest, Permissions, Content Scripts, Service Workers, Messaging Engine & Popups.

Constructing Your Chrome Extension

Hands-on experience building a Chrome Extension with worked examples of the Manifest file, Content Scripts, Service Workers, Messaging Engine & Popups.

Mastering Chrome Extension Use Cases

We will run through some common use cases showing best practices and shortcuts on how to tackle real-world coding scenarios in your Chrome Extension development including:

✅ Calling external APIs

✅ Leveraging Notifications and Alerts

✅ Utilising a Local Database

✅ Connecting to a Remote Database

✅ How to use the Shadow Root DOM

✅ Leveraging the Chrome Omnibox

✅ Updating the Chrome Extension Icon with badges

✅ Monitoring app installs and updates

✅ Tapping into the right click Chrome context menu

✅ How to run periodic background jobs

✅ How Identity works in Chrome Extensions

✅ Best Practices for CSS in Chrome Extensions

✅ Setting up Keyboard Shortcuts

✅ Packaging up a chrome extension ready to publish to the chrome store

✅ And more!

Analyzing Winning Successful Chrome Extensions

Hands-on experience looking at successful Chrome Extensions and analyzing their features, functionality, and user experience. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a solid understanding of what makes a Chrome Extension successful and be able to apply these strategies in your own development efforts.

Over The Shoulder Build

Building out some sample Chrome Extensions utilising some of the techniques from earlier lessons. Source code is included for all examples.

Source Code QuickStarts

✅ Chrome Extension with TypeScript

✅ Chrome Extension using React

✅ Chrome Extension using Vue

✅ Chrome Extension using Angular

Building Best Practices & Tips

All the tips and best practices I can give from my years of developing Chrome Extensions.

Module 4: Testing & Publishing

In this module, you will learn how to test out your Chrome Extension and tools and techniques you can use to streamline testing to produce the highest quality app you can.

Effortless Extension Testing

Writing test cases for Your Chrome Extension, debugging and troubleshooting your tests. This lesson includes best practices for testing your Chrome Extension to ensure the best possible product for your customers.

Recruiting Your Army Of BETA Testers

You’ll learn how to find the right beta testers, what qualities to look for, and how to effectively communicate with them to get valuable feedback. This network of beta testers will help catch issues before they go live and help shape your Chrome Extension’s product roadmap.

Publishing Perfection

How to publish to the chrome store and best practices around setting yourself up to be in the best possible position when it comes to exit from your app. You’ll also learn about Featured Badges and how to get them applied to your Chrome Extension.

Module 5 – Launching, Promoting and Monetising

In this module, you will learn how to launch, promote, and monetize Your Chrome Extension.

Turning Your Idea into Income

You’ll learn about the various monetization strategies you can use when monetizing your chrome extension. We’ll run through pricing strategies and talk about the pros and cons of each of them.

Show Me The Monetisation

You’ll learn how to integrate with various payment providers such as Stripe, Gumroad, WooCommerce and the pros and cons of each of them.

Launching Your MVP

You’ll learn organic methods of launching and promoting your app and getting your first paying users. We’ll also run through multiple channels that you can leverage to bring in a steady stream of new users to your app.

Module 6 – Scaling Secrets

In this module, you’ll learn how to take your Chrome Extension to the next level, expanding its reach and growth to maximize your potential for success. You’ll learn strategies for scaling your extension and increasing your monthly income.

Measuring Success

You’ll learn about the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you should be tracking on your Chrome Extension and how to improve them.

Prerequisites For Scaling

You’ll learn about user acquisition, customer engagement and retention strategies to minimize customer churn. We’ll make sure the ship is technically stable and prepped for an influx of users to avoid the mistake of premature ramping having a negative effect on your entire user base.

Building Your Marketing Machine

You’ll learn how to build your marketing machine that will help you scale your Chrome Extension and reach a wider audience. You’ll learn about the different marketing channels and strategies you can use to promote your extension.


You’ll discover how to leverage organic promotion alongside paid advertising, affiliate/referrals and partnerships to scale up your user base and income.

Module 7 – Engineering An Exit

In this module, you’ll learn about the key strategies and tactics that you can use to exit your Chrome Extension business successfully. You’ll eventually exit from your extension, it’s just up to you how and when you do it. In this module we will explore the various ways to exit from your Chrome Extension, including selling it for a cash lump sum payment.

You’ll learn about the key metrics and KPIs that you need to track, and how to position your Chrome Extension for success in the long term

Why Sell?

We’ll run through the various reasons that you might want to sell your Chrome Extension for a cash lump sum.

Where To Sell?

You’ll discover the various online brokers that can help facilitate the sale of your Chrome Extension. I’ll give you several recommendations on which brokers would be the best positioned to help you sell your Chrome Extension for top dollar.

What Next?

Having personally sold and exited from my Chrome Extension business in a multi-6 figure deal I will share my experience and advice to maximize your potential exit.

How To Sell?

How to use this methodology to develop bigger Chrome Extensions with more income and larger exits.

Course Bonuses

1) Chrome Extensions Stats

Access to statistics on over 1,000’s of live Chrome Extensions with their ratings, last updated date and user count. You can use this to find opportunities to create updated versions of popular but abandoned Chrome Extensions.

2) Idea Generator & Scoring Tool

This tool will help you rank niches based on their potential, brainstorm new ideas, and score opportunities to determine which one offers the best chance for success.

With this tool, you’ll be able to focus your development efforts on the most promising niches and increase your chances of creating a successful Chrome Extension.

And don’t worry, you’ll have your own copy of the tool so you don’t have to share your ideas on any 3rd party platforms or with anyone, they’ll remain completely in your control.

3) Source Code Turbo Templates

Get up and running quickly using your favorite Javascript framework by leveraging these quickstart boilerplate templates so you’re able to hit the ground running and start coding your extension right away:

✅ Chrome Extension with TypeScript.

✅ Chrome Extension with React.

✅ Chrome Extension with Vue.

✅ Chrome Extension with Angular.

4) Deluxe Domain Directory

Access to statistics on the top 1,000 websites and web apps so you can explore opportunities to build profitable Chrome Extensions for the most popular sites.

By analyzing this list, you can also identify areas where there are gaps in the market, which can be an opportunity for you to develop an innovative Chrome Extension to address these gaps.

And don’t forget, when it comes to developing Chrome Extensions, it’s not just popular websites that present opportunities for developers, but also popular web apps.

5) Chrome Extension Website In A Box

You’ll learn how to quickly build a high-quality website using the latest AI technology, allowing you to rank in Google for relevant search terms and generate a steady stream of leads.

This pre-designed template includes all the necessary features for you to build a fully functional website.

This will mean you can get your site up and running in a matter of days, not weeks and it will serve you as a timeless asset.

6) Micro Niches Mega List

This is a curated list of 500 micro-niches, complete with descriptions, website links, and estimated user base sizes, all at your fingertips.

This list will provide you with a wealth of inspiration, giving you the power to choose the perfect niche that aligns with your passions, expertise, and development goals.

Rick Blyth – Cashflowing Chrome Extensions Download

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