Sam Woods – The AI Copywriting Workshop (Complete Edition) Download

Sam Woods – The AI Copywriting Workshop (Complete Edition) Download


What You Get:

Session #1: Research, Offer Creation & Big Ideas

4 videos + all session prompts, resources

  • How to research, profile, and analyze your market and customers with AI.
  • How to perform competitor analysis and research to uncover hidden opportunities you can use.
  • How to develop, improve, and enhance your products/services with the help of AI.
  • Finding big ideas, unique mechanisms, and content for education-based marketing, and more. With the right process (that I’m sharing), you’ll have an endless stream of fresh ideas that turn into any copy.

Session #2: Ads, Emails, Landing Pages, and Short-Form


6 videos + all session prompts, resources

  • How to outline, ideate, brainstorm, and draft ads for Google, Facebook, and any ad network.
  • How to outline, draft, and write any kind of email—newsletter, promotion, lead nurture, launch emails, sales emails… ANY email.
  • How to develop stories, find angles, create hooks, infinite subject lines, compelling opening lines, and effective body copy.
  • How to generate fascination bullets (for landing pages, emails, ads).
  • How to write short-form landing pages (and the best page templates I’ve used for clients—you can use any AI text generator to fill in the sections).

Session #3: Sales Pages, VSLs, Upsells, and Checkout


6 videos + all session prompts, resources

  • How to develop Big Ideas, Leads, Headlines, Subheadlines, Closes, and everything that goes into a sales page.
  • How to outline and write Checkout Pages and Upsells that flow naturally from your sales page.
  • How to quickly generate unique headline decks and leads, in just a few minutes, that you can use for testing variants against any control.
  • How to translate any of Sales Page Templates that exist into structure, prompts, and re-prompts that an AI text generator can actually use.

These sessions leave no stone unturned and no questions are left


Inside these workshops, you’ll discover:

  • How to integrate various AI tools into your process and workflow, so you know what tools are best for your workflow, processes, and the kind of copy you’re writing.
  • How to research your customer, market, and competitors.This will help you cut down time spent researching without sacrificing the quality of what you find.
  • How to develop, modify, and improve your offer, product or service.You’ll examine what you sell from every possible angle and find not only new ways to promote what you sell, but also how you can make everything deliver better results and outcomes for your customers.
  • How to find and create big ideas, hooks, stories, angles, unique mechanisms, and education-based marketing content you can use for any promotion, sales page, funnel, lead generation campaign.
  • How to write high-performing ads with unique angles and hooks, in minutes instead of days.
  • How to write emails that convertwith interesting subject lines, opening lines that draw readers in, and persuades with effective body copy.
  • How to generate new ideas, angles, and uncover hidden hookswith a process that builds on prompts you use and the output you get back.
  • How to write short-form copylike ads, video scripts, emails, advertorials, and landing pages.
  • How to write long-form copylike sales pages, including checkout and upsell pages.
  • Discover how to develop your own promptsat will, no matter what happens to existing tools or whatever new tools are released.

The Workshop comes with all the prompts, of course:

Prompt Playbooks

Huge collection of crafted, tested prompts from the AI Copywriting Workshop

  • Session #1 Prompts (48 pages): Prompts for research, product/services, making offers, Unique Mechanisms, Big Ideas, Avatar Profiling, and more.
  • Session #2 Prompts (69 pages): Prompts for Copywriting Frameworks, Bullets, Emails, Advertising, Landing Pages, Content & Articles, SEO, and more.
  • Session #3 Prompts (54 pages): Prompts for Sales Pages, Leads, Offers, Closes, VSL Scripts, Checkout Pages, Upsell Flows, and more.

Plus, if you chose to get the Complete package, you also get:

AI Copywriting Optimization

4 videos + all session prompts, resources

  • Full training on using chatGPT and GPT-4 to optimize your copy.
  • How to perform a ‘Bionic Analysis’ of any text and uncover hidden opportunities for optimization.
  • Turn any copy (emails, ads, landing pages, sales pages, VSLs, etc.) into multiple variants you can test.
  • Generate endless ideas, angles, hooks for testing.
  • Get additional prompts for rewriting, expanding, and intensifying your copy.

Sam Woods – The AI Copywriting Workshop (Complete Edition) Download

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